Friday, June 8, 2018

8 Tricks and Hidden Features of Windows 10 You Should Know

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Ever since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has rolled out a lot of updates for it, including the Anniversary Update, the Creators Update and the Fall Creators Update. These updates have brought numerous cool features to the operating system and this also means there are several hidden features and tricks in Windows 10 that you might have missed out.

We bring you 8 tricks, secret features of windows 10 to you here. These Windows 10 Hidden features might be limited to the Anniversary Update or Creators Update.

1. Automatically Lock Your PC (Dynamic Lock)

There are situations when you get up from your office desk to grab a cup of coffee but you forget to lock a laptop, and you wouldn't want your co-workers to take a peek inside your laptop. This is where the cool new dynamic lock feature comes into play. Dynamic lock automatically locks on your PC when you're away. Just to enable it, you will first have to pair your phone to your PC via bluetooth, then you can just head to settings, go to account and then go to sign-in options, check the option and the dynamic lock, now whenever you move away from your laptop with your phone, the laptop will automatically be locked when your phone is out of the computer's Bluetooth range.

2. Free Up Storage via Storage Sense

This feature might only be available on the Windows 10 creators update. If you have a high-end Windows laptop with an SSD, you must have pay storage problems once in a while. Windows 10 brings a great storage management in the system page of settings, go to the storage options you will find all the drives in your PC, you can just click on a drive to get the specific details that on what's using up storage on your device, so you can remove files that you don't really need. You can just click on it to delete temporary files, downloaded files, empty the recycle bin. If you don't want to go through the hassle of cleaning up these files every now, you can enable storage sense which delete temporary files from apps and file in recycle bin that have been there for over 30 days.

3. Set up and Schedule Night Light

If you tend to use a laptop for long working hours especially at night, it might have been a little discomfort in your eyes because of the blue light in the display. To solution up night lights you can just head to Windows settings. You should see the night light option, just enable it and you will see the color temperature of the screen change to more warm tones. You can also personalize things if you want, you can shut your night light from sunset to sunrise or set a custom time, they should definitely make views that straight night much more easy.

4. Get Phone Notifications on Windows with Cortana App

This feature that coils Windows 10 creators update to be installed on a PC checking notifications on your phone while you working on your laptop. To get your phone notifications on your Windows laptop, you just need to install the Cortana app on your Android smartphones, then setup go down over the same Microsoft that you use on your PC. Once it's set up, tap on the profile icon in the cortana app, go to settings and tap on the options settings.

I'll just enable notifications for missed calls, messages apps etc, once done open up your Windows PC and go to Cortana settings, click on the notifications and enable send notifications between devices. you can also click on manage notifications to make sure notification from your phone is enabled. Once done you will see varied notifications from the Android smartphone and will be able to respond to messages and calls right from your PC.

5. Steps Recorder

Not many people know that Windows includes a cool steps record. You can just launch step recorder through Cortana, a small window should open up, just hit the start record button to record the steps you want to show someone. Even in the dark field, once done click stop and windows will show you the steps you just did, you can review the steps and even add any comments while recording steps.

6. Sticky Notes with Insights

You must have used to taking notes on a Windows PC, but did you know that they have a really intelligent feature. Just open sticky notes by searching it in Cortana, in the sticky notes hit the menu button and then click on the gear icon at the bottom to enable the insights options. Once done, you can just write a note like getting the card, check to model and you will see the tomorrow highlighted, you can just click on it to save the note as a reminder in Cortana. You can note down phone numbers and then dial it through sticky notes, you can also use it to check stock value node websites and open it directly well sticky notes just caught.

7. Use Emojis in Windows

Module emojis have become an integral part of our civilization on the Internet, sadly there's no way to type in an emoji easily from the keyboard. The good news is, in sending emojis from the on-screen windows keyboard just right-click on the taskbar and pick the show, touch the board options. Now the touch keyboard will be available to you at all times, and you can just open it go to the emoji page and send as many emojis as you want.

8. Enable Bash Shell for Linux Commands

Microsoft brought some great news for Linux peaks when it's announced that a special version of the bash shell of Windows 10. However if you want to use it you'll have to enable it first, so first go to window settings and hit to update the security, go to the for developers option and enable the developer mode, then open control panel and click on programs, then programs and features,  click on the option to turn Windows Features on or off from the left pane. In the new window that opens up enable the option that says windows subsystem for Linux, then you'll have to restart it. Pc1 to pc2 starts search for bash which will open up command from window. You'll have to interval to install ubuntu first, once it's done you will be able to use bash shell.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

How to get Windows 8.1 Pro Genuine Product Key Cheap

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Microsoft is rolling out Office 2019 Preview only work on Windows 10

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Microsoft has released Office 2019 preview copies on April 27th, which only run on Windows 10. Office2019 includes the usual Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook client apps, alongside server versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. The software was primarily designed for organizations that aren’t using the cloud Office 365 versions. People will need to upgrade to Windows 10 if they want the latest version of Office without subscribing to the company’s Office 365 service.

The standalone Office 2019 software will only be supported on Windows 10 and not Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machines, it's means to push businesses that are holding off on Office 365 into subscriptions. But this won’t affect Office for Mac, which is a separate product with a different release schedule. Microsoft is also changing the support lifecycle for Office 2019, so it will receive 5 years of mainstream support and then “approximately 2 years of extended support”.

New Features of Office2019 including: Outlook supports Office 365 Groups, updated contactor cards, etc.; Excel 2019 supports publishing to Power BI, enhanced PowerPivot and PowerQuery, etc.; PowerPoint 2019 supports management icons, SVG and 3D images; Word 2019 adds Learning tools, descriptions and audio descriptions.

Businesses can sign up to try Office 2019 here.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Windows 10 Lean is Windows 10 on a diet

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Microsoft is working on a new edition of Windows 10 which internally calls 'Windows 10 Lean'. It could be considered as Windows 10 on diet, once installed, is a whole 2GB's smaller in size compared to a normal edition of Windows 10.

Why is Microsoft building on Windows 10 Lean? Microsoft is facing a problem when it comes to keeping devices with a low amount of storage up to date with the latest Windows10 feature updates. Usually, cheap, low-end tablets and laptops with 16GB of internal storage will find themselves stuck on the version of Windows 10 that those devices shipped with, because there's not enough storage space to apply any new feature updates. It is important for Microsoft to ensure that these devices can install new versions of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Lean aims to fix this problem. For a device with a small of storage, it strips out things users won't need, such as the Registry Editor, Internet Explorer etc. It's still the same old Windows system, just streamlined so that it better fits on devices with smaller internal storage. Windows 10 Lean does not remove support for legacy apps, meaning it still has full Win32 app support if you need it. Other than the differences mentioned above, it's still legacy Windows at the end of the day.

However, Windows 10 Lean is very buggy in the latest Redstone 5 builds, and still in development internally.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Microsoft is adding a dark mode to File Explorer on Windows 10

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There is a good news for people who like various night modes. With the latest Insider Preview build featuring references to a work-in-progress dark mode, Microsoft is finally adding a dark mode to File Explorer on Windows 10.

Windows 10's dark mode is an awesome feature that allows people to switch most apps and system elements into a darker theme, which is easier on the eyes, and looks awesome. Unfortunately, the dark mode in Windows 10 has been rather inconsistent in where it is applied; when dark mode is enabled you can find it in most system apps, a few third party apps, and a few system elements. However, it was always missing from the File Explorer.

But this problem won't be lasting for long time, because Microsoft is trying to bring support for dark mode to the File Explorer on Windows 10. It's the full, fat, Win32 File Explorer, and it's getting the dark mode treatment. Early References of this new dark mode can be found in the latest Redstone 5 Insider build, but it isn't fully enabled in that branch yet. Microsoft is working on this feature internally.
Once ready, enabling dark mode in File Explorer is done with the system-wide toggle found in the Windows Settings app, which makes all your other apps dark too. The screenshot above is of an early version of dark mode in File Explorer, which maybe change before it's finalized.

Coincidentally, the source code of WebKit shows it seems that Mac OS 10.14 is also going to support the true night mode.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Microsoft Rolls out Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 17134 for Insiders

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Microsoft has demoted build 17133 from RTM status internally, which means it has compiled another Redstone 4 build at the last minute that it is hoping will be stable enough to pass the criteria for rollout to the public. That build is now rolling out to Insiders in the Fast ring for testing as build 17134, and includes no new features.

As Build 17133 progressed through the rings, Microsoft discovered some reliability issues they wanted to fix. In certain cases, these reliability issues could have led to a higher percentage of (BSOD) on PCs for example. Instead of creating a Cumulative Update package to service these issues, Microsoft decided to create a new build with the fixes included.

Microsoft says it found reliability issues with build 17133 during testing and an undisclosed blocking bug just a few days before Redstone 4 was supposed to begin official rollout. So Microsoft delays the public release indefinitely, and demote build 17133 from RTM status. Now, build 17134 is Microsoft's next attempt at an RTM build.

Build 17134 is already available on Xbox One, and will soon be available on HoloLens and IoT as well. If build 17134 reaches the necessary criteria, this will be the build that rolls out to the public later this month.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Version "Postponed" Release

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Microsoft was expected to roll out Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Official Version (RTM) on April 10th but postponed. On April 11th, Microsoft had roll out a cumulative update of Windows 10 RS4 Preview 17133.73, which in fact had confirmed that Build 1733 is a Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Version (RTM). But it will take time before it is rolled out by Microsoft.

Microsoft discovered a blocking bug last weekend, although it was very rare but enough to affect the release and rollout of Windows 10 Spring Creator Update Version until the problem is completely resolved. Microsoft owns an intern testing system which requring every rollout and release of major system versions must passing it. This bug was found in Windows 10 fast, slow, and release previews version.

It is worth noticing that the Windows 10 Build 17133 version will still be RTM, and Microsoft will fix the vulnerability through a cumulative update. By tradition, Microsoft will announce the official name of Windows 10 Version 1803 in advance, but this time Microsoft has remained silence. Perhaps in the near future, Microsoft will announce the official name of Win10 1803 version and the exact date of rollout.

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